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Hey guys, i'm Venkat! Well, basically I love chilling, cus we only live once, unlike cats they have 9 lives(they freak me out), so i live life to the max!
I break stuffs, or tear, or damage, whatever words that come into ur head in terms of BREAKING.. Yeah i do that a lot..

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Call me A Dumbass for not updating~~~~


i just felt so lazy.. Without much further ado, here goes

My F6 'social life' is quite fun... I mean, i have really good friends here, and i'm LOUD in the class ( though my voice is weird T__T) and there;s a girl in my class who keep telling me to stop using the 'chillax'.. No can do, its my motto in my life!! I love that word..( chillax= chill + relax )
2 weeks ago, there was an orientation week, where the juniors (lower 6'ers) are ragged.. haix, we were given a program book and we are given a task.. Chase after the seniors and get their signatures.. And to get the signatures, u have to get ragged... :( well, i had to sing twinkle twinkle little star in BM!! so babi lah... They had indoor games and outdoor games.. If u guys wanna see the pics, go to REBECCA GOH in Facebook, all the pics are there.... It was all flour and eggs(ugh dammit) I had flour on my face, and it was FUUUNN!!! :DD What else ah?

I love my class to :)
Monitor : Rachel
Asst Monitor : Kent
Secretary : Pearly
Treasurer : Jia En
Keceriaan officers : Kirthi
Myself ;)
Cleanliness officer : Suren

Ming Jie
Mun Chun
Krong Goh
Jian Feng

A combination of BB, Assuntarians and Sro Utama'ians
U guys are BB'ians now, Congrats :P May the force Be with you

I'm elected as the Treasurer of the FORM 6 SOCIETY!!! :) I would like to thank my seniors for believin in me ;)

Ming Jie is worried sick.. well, maybe its because HE"S IN CHARGE OF GREEN WEEK!! :S aiyoo MJ! I'm here for ya man..

Sports Day?Not talking about it...

O'NITE!! I have a rough idea what sort of performance the Newly elected BOD's will do.. I' thinking of performing dances, with soundtracks from movies.. And have a little sketch blended in it.. Talk about artistic values in me.. :P

THERE"S NO TUITION 2MORO!! So i'm free 2 do my homeworks :)
Talking about homework..
My 'Academic Life' is indeed quite Baaad... Well its chemistry lah.. I mean, its quite hard, but i have faith in myself so i shall strive to achieve good marks... I hope.. General Paper is So-So.. Maths is OKAY so far.. Bio? Fine...

My team is out :( ARGENTINAAAA!!! WHY???!!!!! I had faith in u guys!! But seriously, World Cup this year is quite an "upside down affair" I'm happy that Holland won, they deserved it as they are a good team.. Ghana!! I wish they were in the semis with Holland.. It would be a fantastic game to watch! I hate to say this, but Germany is almost perfect.. But no teams are perfect! The Jabulani Ball- official ball of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010- lots of complains about it.. It swings and curves A LOT! haix, technology.. It has the pro's as well as the cons...

I'm still wondering how to upload pics in my blog posts...

Oh well, That's all for now,
VenKZ Signing off