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Hey guys, i'm Venkat! Well, basically I love chilling, cus we only live once, unlike cats they have 9 lives(they freak me out), so i live life to the max!
I break stuffs, or tear, or damage, whatever words that come into ur head in terms of BREAKING.. Yeah i do that a lot..

To summarise an equation about myself

Food+Sports+Music+Dancing+Animals+TV Series+Shoes+Nuthead=Venkat :)


Must Be Fab or else Die!!! Kaki's

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Call me A Dumbass for not updating~~~~


i just felt so lazy.. Without much further ado, here goes

My F6 'social life' is quite fun... I mean, i have really good friends here, and i'm LOUD in the class ( though my voice is weird T__T) and there;s a girl in my class who keep telling me to stop using the 'chillax'.. No can do, its my motto in my life!! I love that word..( chillax= chill + relax )
2 weeks ago, there was an orientation week, where the juniors (lower 6'ers) are ragged.. haix, we were given a program book and we are given a task.. Chase after the seniors and get their signatures.. And to get the signatures, u have to get ragged... :( well, i had to sing twinkle twinkle little star in BM!! so babi lah... They had indoor games and outdoor games.. If u guys wanna see the pics, go to REBECCA GOH in Facebook, all the pics are there.... It was all flour and eggs(ugh dammit) I had flour on my face, and it was FUUUNN!!! :DD What else ah?

I love my class to :)
Monitor : Rachel
Asst Monitor : Kent
Secretary : Pearly
Treasurer : Jia En
Keceriaan officers : Kirthi
Myself ;)
Cleanliness officer : Suren

Ming Jie
Mun Chun
Krong Goh
Jian Feng

A combination of BB, Assuntarians and Sro Utama'ians
U guys are BB'ians now, Congrats :P May the force Be with you

I'm elected as the Treasurer of the FORM 6 SOCIETY!!! :) I would like to thank my seniors for believin in me ;)

Ming Jie is worried sick.. well, maybe its because HE"S IN CHARGE OF GREEN WEEK!! :S aiyoo MJ! I'm here for ya man..

Sports Day?Not talking about it...

O'NITE!! I have a rough idea what sort of performance the Newly elected BOD's will do.. I' thinking of performing dances, with soundtracks from movies.. And have a little sketch blended in it.. Talk about artistic values in me.. :P

THERE"S NO TUITION 2MORO!! So i'm free 2 do my homeworks :)
Talking about homework..
My 'Academic Life' is indeed quite Baaad... Well its chemistry lah.. I mean, its quite hard, but i have faith in myself so i shall strive to achieve good marks... I hope.. General Paper is So-So.. Maths is OKAY so far.. Bio? Fine...

My team is out :( ARGENTINAAAA!!! WHY???!!!!! I had faith in u guys!! But seriously, World Cup this year is quite an "upside down affair" I'm happy that Holland won, they deserved it as they are a good team.. Ghana!! I wish they were in the semis with Holland.. It would be a fantastic game to watch! I hate to say this, but Germany is almost perfect.. But no teams are perfect! The Jabulani Ball- official ball of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010- lots of complains about it.. It swings and curves A LOT! haix, technology.. It has the pro's as well as the cons...

I'm still wondering how to upload pics in my blog posts...

Oh well, That's all for now,
VenKZ Signing off

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Its UPDATES that u need....

Riiiiitttteee?? Well i'm sorry for being late, i've been really busy these days, hell, F6 really took my time...
Oh Well..

Hmm, did I tell u that i'm in science class? Yes I did.. Well, I've made quite a number of friends already, well, i made friends with the whole class basically... They're all nice people and i'm thankful of that :) I hope... Pn Noor Hayati- Ayam Goreng( U wouldn't wanna know y) is my PA teacher, she's good. Mr Tan.. GOD! Well, maybe we need to be a wee bit patient to listen what he's saying 2 the whiteboard.. Did I tell U the class is ORANGE?? Well, now u know huh... There's Pn Tan teaching bio.. uuggghh >:P And last bt not least Ms Vany for Chem, she's good bt sadly we're all bad at chem... Not to say bad at it, CHEM is FRIGGIN TOUGH WEYH!!!

I went for badminton yesterday, after 3 years!! Well, it was anan's plan.. So the usual group were there..
Nell J

and of course, MEEEEEEEEEE :)
I sucked big time.. Well, not thaaaaat bad but bad.. Then we went for lunch bt Dinesh didn't join us, he gave us a lift to McD's.. Thanks bro :)
On the way there, there was a daaaamn karat song being played on the radio, it was really good!! We were all hyped up and hand grooving in the car, except Anan... hahaha!! Then we talked and talked in the crowded McD... And we went off to play pool at amcorp, we could've just walked but nah, decided 2 take the LRT (Nimi's 2nd time) My God..
At one point, me kishan and nimi were laughing our ass off for something but I can't remember what.. :S Anyways pool was stupid lah, we were all off-formed :( But we had fun joking around :)
Once we were done, took pics at the entrance of Amcorp and I went back home (pics available at Facebook-Anan's/Mine/Nadia/kishan/Nimi's profile...)

Malas and I've got skool 2moro~
VenKZ signing off~~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orientation much huh...


What's harder than a master's degree?

Nope, its the damn STPM!! :( Screw it, i'm here now and its time for me to do the best I can! But i don't think I have time to bake, maybe when I have the time, I will do it.. The next recipe shall be Pink Cookies which it was due on valentine's day... :S
Anyways, i know i said the next pst will be on Fri or on the weekends only, but apperently this whole week is just orientation, so be it, i'm free for now.. So hows the orientation??

Its OKAY lah...
Soon as i went into the auditorium, there was a whole gang of the chinese community, (also known as Botak Chin Gang as they were all bald at one point last year) Ming Jie ( one of them) was waving at me ( haha so much for Botak Chin) and i went there and sat with the group.. Then the orientation started, a F6 senior and the head of the F6 society welcomed us ( the whole F6 seniors were there) and they were basically asking us not to transfer to another school to do F6 :S Well i was supposed to, till yesterday evening my mum asked "Y are u taking 5 subjects??" Great, I wasted 4 months going for PHYSICS TUITION!!!! on the bright side, i'm not taking physics now, so its just Bio, Chem, Maths and PA.. (I HOPE)

Well, nothing much really happened, I know BB is way noisier than before, but I doubt the notorious-ity is as bad as my F4 & F5 batch.. We Rule!!! ;)

I'm in need of a camera.. the previous one is dead & gone.. RIP camera..

VenKz signing off~~
TaTa~ Chaoz~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day :D + TiCk Tock-- BOOM!! F6 is 2moro :(

My mum was working 2day so the best i could give her was a wish, dats all :( Bt my bro bought her a new stove, a movable one, specially to make the indian snacks(murruku, neirundeh, bla bla bla) But when my bro went out again, she said :" why didn't he buy me a blackberry!!" I could not stop laughing.. But deep down i wished i could have given her something.. But after thinking a while, I remembered i bought her a NOSE handbag not long ago, nvm then..
My mom??
She's an awesome lady. You guys know i'm talkative, well its inherited by her (its just that she talks sense bt I talk rubbish, that's the difference)She forces me to do the stuffs that I hate to do,but at the end of the day, I'll still do it cus i know its for the best as she knows more things than me.. Seriously, among her siblings ( 6 including her) she's the one with the most general knowledge..though most of the siblings are more highly educated than she is.. Well, to cut things short, here's the summary of me Mom :)

A talented bharathanatyam dancer ( she performs in the Sultan of Pahang's functions during her young and teens days, awesoooome!!!!)

A fan of LEVI

A great cook :)

Loves traveling

Her 1st car was a Mini-Miner (Its known as Mini Cooper now)

1st one to buy a PC before my dad did..

has a better handphone than mine

Hates my eating habit :P Probably cus she doesn't eat much ( She's thinner than myself now)

Thought me how to behave properly in public.. That's why i don't go wild in public like the others do.. wahaha :)

Thought me how to be street smart and be independent.. ( i started doing housework since 7!!)

And i don't regret learning all these, its free after all :)
Mom, you always say u're not a good mum.. I highly resent that! U're an amazing lady and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Lotsa love from ur son :)

F6 is 2moro!!! :( :( :( Bye floor, i can't laze on you anymore :( I'm gonna miss doing the stuffs i was doi9ng during the hols.. Funny, hols were 4 months and i know haven't done a lot of things.. I haven't been to 1 utama.. Hmm, maybe next time.. Its gonna be really hectic life ahead.. I have to register in school 2moro, BUKIT BINTANG.. ya i'm from that school of course! I'll be in Science stream, am I looking forward to it? Well, its a new life, yes.. So i guess i have to..

I'm signing off now~~ I'll blog when i have the time.. Probably every fridays or the weekends oni..


Friday, May 7, 2010

A place to rest My head

Is on the floor!!!

They say, when u gt older, u'll have a close relationship with the wall...

Cranky? Yes..
Anyways, i went to putrajaya today!! The place was amazing.. The infrastructure, surroundings, even the flats were nicely built.. The lakes were clean.. HUGE GIANT BUILDINGS!! With lots of Mosque-Shaped thingy's.... (I'm bad at english aren't I...)

Swearing is caring :)

VenkZ signing off~~
TaTa~ Chaozz~~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TiCk-ToCk ----- And BOOM! 3 days to MayHem :(


hell, i can't even watch TV,... My mom is gonna start her tantrums on me not studying and bla bla bla.. I'm not looking forward to all these rubbish... I can never get a 4 month holiday anymore...! :(

I stopped watching American idol after Siobhan Magnus got the boot.. Its really unfair, she was sooo good, her performance for that week awesome, the judges loved it, say no more.. So stupid, the whole concept of American Idol has changed ever since that Kara came in.. She's focusing more on 'road to popularity' contestants.. I think Paula was doing a good job as a judge.. Kara's comments are so boring that I feel sleepy whenever she opens her mouth.. No joke weyh..
In my opinion, if Big Mike has an album, it won't be a hit, so is that 16 yr old dude.. Krystal's album can be a hit, so is Siobhan, cus the voice she has, suits the generation these days...

Screw Idol now, Glee is better...

Quite malas ady,
Chaaaoooozzz~~ Nitez
Salty dreams... :P

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Run for your life peeps, Mayday!!

Hence this is how we usher the arrival of the month MAY...

In 9 days, i'll be starting my form 6 classes :( Hols are over,... :( Its really annoying when you have come to know that the ending of hols are nearing.. I'm gonna miss those times where i lied on the floor out of boredom... :(

But hey, there wouldn't be any boredom once I start classes. This is where Torture comes D: Urgh..I hope it won't be bad.. GOD, I'll be deciding my fate... You can decide some of them too :)
The list of form 6ers are out tomorrow ( yeah not everyone get to do F6, so I heard).. I have to enter school agaaaaiiin :( Will it be fun? I don't know... But I'm hoping though... Hopefully my metabolism does not go down!!

I've also stopped swearing :) Those foul languages aren't coming out from my mouth anymore.. I've insaf'ed!!

Its easier to drop things than to pick things up...

I'll sign off for now!!